Tree Removal

If a tree is dead or causing problems, we can remove it. If you have concerns, we’ll help determine if tree removal is necessary.

Tree Trimming

If tree branches are overhanging your house or bugging your neighbor, we can trim and remove limbs according to your needs.

Stump Removal

Is a pesky stump left over after a tree or shrub removal? We can rid of the stump and fill the remaining hole with soil.

Service Clearing

Are tree limbs interrupting power or internet? We can help make sure your home stays up and running at all times.

three logs of firewood icon

We sell firewood for your wood burning furnace or fireplace – or for camping at the lake! Call us for delivery or pickup.

mulch in a wheelbarrow icon

If you need mulch for gardening, call Highplains Tree Service. We can deliver mulch and lay it down for you if needed.

Emergency Work

When storms or high winds leave debris or downed trees, we’ll take care of your cleanup needs promptly.

More than 20 Years of Prompt Professional Service

After twenty plus years in the tree care business, there’s not much we haven’t seen. From pruning, trimming and removal of limbs near houses or power lines, we strive to provide the best possible tree service. In all of our services, we take special care to protect yards and landscapes so your home and property remain pristine. Our resident certified arborist will ensure the job is done right. Our “prompt professional service” will have you telling all your family and friends that we are far above the rest.

Call Today!

Whether you need entire trees removed or just need some branches trimmed, call Highplains Tree Service today to schedule a time to get your tree service work done.